Xikar Warranty Information

Xikar is the leader in cigar lighters, cutters, and accessories. They stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty. As a Xikar dealer if you bring your defective cutter or lighter to the store we will happily swap it out for same product if we currently have it in stock. If we are unable to exchange it due to stock we will be happy to provide the warranty form along with a padded envelope for you to send it in to be serviced by Xikar. 

If your lighter has not been inspected by a Xikar dealer please read the “Xikar Instruction Manual” before sending your lighter into Xikar to be serviced.

Xikar Xi1 Cutters

$74.99 Xi1 Green
$64.99 Xi1 Black
$74.99 Xi1 Red W/ Black Blades
$64.99 - Xi1 Blue
$64.99 Xi1 Silver
$64.99 Xi1 Titanium

Xikar VX2 Cutters

$49.99 VX Cutter (Red, Silver, Black, Gunmetal)
$49.99 VX Black
$49.99 VX Gunmetal
$49.99 VX Silver

Xikar XO Cutters

$99.99 XO Bronze
$119.99 XO Gunmetal Honeycomb
$119.99 XO Blue w/ Black Blades
$119.99 XO Red w/ Black Blades
$99.99 XO Orange
$119.99 XO Black on Black
$99.99 XO Black

Xikar Xi2 Cutters

$49.99 Xi2 Granite Silver
$49.99 Xi2 Bloodstone Red
$49.99 Xi2 Pearl White
$49.99 Xi2 Lapis Blue
$44.99 Xi2 Noir Black
$54.99 Xi2 Carbon Fiber
$49.99 Xi2 American Flag

Xikar Xi3 Cutters

$99.99 Xi3 Redwood
$99.99 Xi3 Macassar Ebony
$449.99 Xi3 Mammoth
$99.99 Xi3 Black Titanium
$149.99 Xi3 Bronze Phantom
$249.99 Xi3 Mayan 3D
$274.99 Xi3 Phatom Mayan
$149.99 Xi3 Phantom Carbon
$499.99 Xi3 Pave Noir
$129.99 Xi3 Carbon Fiber
$499.99 Xi3 Damascus
$499.99 Xi3 Phantom Damascus
$199.99 Xi3 Egine Fin
$89.99 Xi3 Tech

Xikar Multitool

$49.99 Black Multitool
$49.99 Silver Multitool
$49.99 Bead Black Multitool

Xikar Ultraslim Cutter

$54.99 Ultraslim Black
$54.99 Ultraslim Gunmetal
$99.99 Ultraslim Combo

Xikar X8 Cutter

Xikar Punch Cutter

Xikar VX Cutter