Hygrometer Calibration

Items Needed:
1) Table Salt
2) Water Bottle Cap
3) Plastic Zip Lock or Air Tight Container

Step 1
Fill the water bottle cap with about a tablespoon of salt.

Step 2
Dampen the salt with water, should be 10-15 drops. Do not dissolve the salt.

Step 3
Place the salt cap and the hygrometer in your bag or container for 12 hours.

After 12 hours your hygrometer should read 75%.

If it does not and your hygrometer can be adjusted proceed with correcting it.
If your hygrometer does not allow for adjustment remember how much it is off by and make a mental note for the future.

ie. If your hygrometer reads 71% after completing the calibration (and can not be adjusted) 68% would be the equivalent of 72% within your humidor. Same can be said if it reads 79% after calibration 76% would be the equivalency of 72%.

Humidor Seasoning

You have just stepped up your game and purchased a desktop humidor. Although you are ready to start filling it up with your favorite smokes, a few housekeeping items need to be completed before filling your humidor.  When a humidor is purchased more then likely it has spent weeks on a shelf waiting to be purchased. This has cause the cedar within the humidor to be come dry. If you were to immediately put your humidifier and cigars in the humidor the cedar would began to pull moisture from the cigars and humidifier. To prevent moisture from being “stolen” from the cigars you will need to season your humidor. Seasoning a humidor is simple and usually takes about 3 days.

Items Needed
1) Ziploc bag or air tight container
2) Distilled water
3) Lint free cloth
4) Shot glass or similar

Step 1
Place your cigars in a sealed bag or container in a location that the temperature is around 70.

Step 2
Saturate your lint free cloth with the distilled water.

Step 3
Wipe down the cedar within the humidor with the moist cloth. The cedar should not bead water but just enough to darken the wood.

Step 4
Fill the shot glass with distilled water and place in the humidor.

Step 5
It is recommended to place the humidor in a window seal or in a warmer location so that the water in the glass will evaporate and be absorbed by the wood.

Step 6
Repeat these step for 3 consecutive days.


Tips & Tricks

  • If your humidor is designed to hold 20 cigars, but you are only keeping 5 cigars in it find something to void the vacant space. Your humidification device is working hard to humidify this vacant space and will need to be filled or replaced more frequently.
  • DO NOT put your cigars in the fridge or freezer. A refrigerator is designed to keep vegetables crisp, by doing this the refrigerator is pulling out moisture. 

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